This contest has two rounds, both the rounds are based on Python Programming Language.
    The description about the two rounds is given below.
  1. Prelims

    Prelims contains 20 multiple choice questions on basics Python Programming Language and the duration of prelims is 10 minutes; the top scored teams will be selected for the mains.

  2. Mains

    Mains contains a set of problems for which you have to write the code in Python Programming Language only. Time duration is 2 hours.

The Rules are described in Rules Page of PCODE.

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  1. Eswar Akhil - 9393939508
  2. Manyu Teja - 8985651632
  3. Harika - 7993367633
  4. Niharika - 7995151649
  5. Alekhya - 9346832284

Our team is a unit of 100 student organisers who has the capacity to organise the event successfully.

Rules of Reverse Coding


  1. A team should have exactly 2 students
  2. Mobile phones are not allowed into the venue.
  3. Browsing is not allowed.
  4. Discussions with Neighbouring Team is not allowed.

    Judging Criterion for Prelims

  1. Each Question will be of 1 mark
  2. No Negative Markings for Wrong attempt
  3. Zero Marks For Un-Attempted Question
  4. Top Scoring teams will be selected for finals
  5. In case of tie, it will be broken in favour of the team with less time submission.

    Judging Criteria for Mains

  1. Submission will be Considered only, if all the hidden/private test cases are satisfied.
  2. Team with greater number of valid submissions will be adjudged winning team
  3. In Case of tie, Judges take the final call based on the efficiency of code & time of submission.
  4. Judge's decision is final.


    Cyber Block

  1. Prelims : C-III, C-IV, ACC, E-Learning Labs
  2. Mains : C-III Lab


  1. Prelims : 08:15 AM to 10:00 AM
  2. Mains : 01:30 PM to 03:30 PM


Get in touch

    For the Online support E-Mail to